The latest of Telefonica’s innovations to bring you:

The world’s first Cognitive Marketing Platform

Drive your marketing strategy into the future

Helping brands to action every touchpoint of the customer journey based on analyzing anonymize offline and online real trends:

Información 360


We care about people
We don’t use personal data – Only aggregated and anonymized data caring customers beyond GDPR

Real Time


We care about brands
Our focus is effectiveness, Brand safety, fraud avoidance

What do you get from it?


Conversion Rate




Full suite of personalization & engagement solutions to drive revenue and engagement throughout the customer journey

Automated, Real-Time, Easy to Deploy
Omnichannel Personalization Platform

Improve Customer Experience with Real-Time Personalization

A/B Testing
A/B Testing

Leverage Enterprise-Grade Testing with Predictive Capabilities

Behavioral Messaging
Behavioral Messaging

Deliver Personalized Messages Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Personalized Recommendations
Personalized Recommendations

The Next Generation of Content & Product Recommendations is Here

Behavioural Targeting
Behavioural Targeting

Leverage Segments in Real-Time to Drive Your Business based

Campaign Optimization
Campaign Optimization

Improve Marketing ROI with Contextualized Campaigns

Personalized e-mails
Personalized e-mails

Drive More Results through Personalized Email Campaigns

Mobile Personalization<
Mobile Personalization

Smaller Screen, Same 1:1 Attention


“Cognitive Marketing suite based on tailored products you need in every use case

Each product as part of a cognitive web or some other visualization to give the feeling that each product in the suite makes the other pieces more powerful (a hamburger is good, french fries are good, but together they are a cohesive solution)

Customer Segmentazion
Customer Segmentazion