Understand your users

Your users are more than tags, they are complex bundles of complex behaviors.

We have the solutions that analyze and unpack your users’ complex behaviors so you can better incorporate value into their user journeys


Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media

Programmatic marketing was born out of the necessity for efficiency and scale in transacting online advertising. Using programmatics, Brands can place their promotion based on customer interests, needs, preferences and more. We make that happen.
Campaign design & Ad Targeting

Campaign design & Ad Targeting

The power of the customer knowledge is available for all kind of channels: TV, Digital, OOH and every type of ad deals
Audience & Attribution:

Audience & Attribution: Online / Offline

The ability to identify customers no matter where they are let us do real attribution between channels as OOH, TV with Online or Offline shops. The real attribution relies on data, instead of statistical methods over small samples.


Propensity model

Propensity model:

Our algorithms help you to predict the behaviour of your customer or prospect base with every product or content of the portfolio. Retailers, Media and travel are industries that lever this use case to increase business KPIs
Lead scoring

Lead scoring:

We also score each user or visitor related to the probability to became customer of every brand. Brands can adapt their customer experience based on the potential customer scenario.

Dynamic pricing:

We enable the practice of pricing items at a level determined by a particular customer's perceived ability to pay


Web & App Personalization

Web & App Personalization

Our algorithms let you customize your web or app experience to tailor what customers want or need. Your touchpoints are unique for each customer based their interest, aspirations or context
Smart notifications

Smart notifications:

You need to know the perfect timing to send a notification (mail, sms, push). We know customer habits; we let you align your communication within customer habits to increase the noticeability

Re-targeting Advertising

Our ability to retarget is far beyond that current industry, because we can communicate again even after offline interactions (being in a shop, OOH impacts)


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

We help you marketing stack to unlock the full potential with our capabilities, or expand if you need further use cases.
Emails Personalization

Emails Personalization

Email marketing is far past being a static channel; real-time dynamic emails are adding the competitive edge today. The Power of Email Personalization to Reach Humans not just inboxes, is based on the context of the users. We want to enrich the context to create appealing emails right to the heart of your customers